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Clément Edouard is a composer, sound artist and musician.
He works on how sound and music can create consciousness modifications, and how it may heal our relationship with ourself, with other human beings, places, and time.
His immersive sound devices and performances provoke self encountering, and connect humans to a sensitive world.
His last creation SEUIL invites us to visit an hypnagogic state, between awakening and sleep, with a vibrating platform and an hexaphonic installation.
SEUIL received grants from SACD Beaumarchais and the French Ministry of Culture.

In 2017, after 20 years of practice and instrumental experimentation around the saxophone, in the world of improvised and current music (collective COAX- Paris, Le Grolektif - Lyon), he approached a new stage in his journey by focusing on a compositional work around the voice (with Linda Oláh and Isabel Sörling) and places with great reverberation.
DIX AILES (Three:Four Record/CH, Carton Records) is the materialization of this momentum.
The collaboration with sound and visual artist Pierce Warnecke, around the fictions of stones, gave rise to the performance SEDIMENTS (2019), and the kinetic installation FLUX (2020). In 2021, he composed the music for the play PARTIR by the Swiss director Jean-Daniel Piguet, and collaborated with the artist constructor Guillaume Cousin on his new work SOUDAIN TOUJOURS.

In 2022, he focuses on a personal project, SEUIL (sound immersion between wakefulness and sleep), which reinterprets his experience around altered consciousnesses (meditation, psychoacoustics, hypnosis, etc.), his work around the voice, here with a vocal ensemble , as well as technological development (sound device, musical computing). SEUIL is a winner of the SACD-Beaumarchais grant, and obtains assistance for the writing of a musical work from the Ministry of Culture. He will also compose the music for the show ESSAIMER by choreographer Margot Dorléans.
In 2024, he is working on his new creation HYPERTEMPS (sound performance for a set of mechanized tubular bells and three percussionists), around time regimes and cycles. He is the winner of the artist residency at Chateau Ephémère. He was called by Choreographer Catherine Contour for a collaboration on her work around hypnotic tools for creation.

He is artistic director of the MAGE production structure.
He co-organized l'Estive, a project of creation residencies and seasonal artistic research in rural areas (Ardèche) in collaboration with Bastien Mignot. And he was the artistic co-director of the Expérience festival (Lyon, Périscope), and of Jazz au Lavoir (Les Vans - 07).

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