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Musician, composer, adept of electronic instruments, Clément Edouard focuses on the nature of sound, its vibratory field and its perception, its and natural materials, in order to offer a listening experience for all types of both imaginary, physical, internal...

He cultivates a special relationship to the voice and subtlety, explores the notions of lightness and intensity, of the presence / absence and natural / compound echoes. His approach takes the form of an exploration in which he likes to pinpoint areas of doubt, identify mysteries and propose a mapping of them.
Member of the COAX collective (Paris, Compagnie Nationale) and close to the label Carton Records. In 2018, he begins the creation of SEDIMENTS, in collaboration with with digital artist Pierce Warnecke around the fictions of stones. In the year 2020, he will compose the music for the play PARTIR by Jean-Daniel Piguet.
He is currently playing with Parquet - project of Sébastien Brun. He is co-organizer de l'Estive, a project of creation and research residences rural seasonal arts, and he was the programmer for the festival Jazz au Lavoir (Les Vans - Ardèche) and the festival Expérience (Lyon - Le Periscope).
After 20 years of practice and instrumental experimentation around the saxophone alto, he enters a new stage in his career by putting his instrument back to focus on more personal composition work around the voice and spaces with great reverberation.
Dix Ailes is the first materialization of this new momentum.

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