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  • Le @ Mirage Festival - Subsistance (Lyon)
  • Le @ Arrêt Sur Image, Le Hublot, Nice
  • Le @ Festival Scopitone, Nantes + d'info
  • Le @ Residence #6, Le Cube, Issy Les Moulineaux
  • Le @ Residence #2, Le ZINC, Marseille
  • Le @ Residence #4, Stereolux, Nantes
  • Le @ Residence #3, Stereolux, Nantes
  • Le @ Residence #2, Montevideo, Marseille
  • Le @ Residence #1, Le Cube, Issy Les Moulineaux
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– Presentation

SEDIMENTS is a performance which transforms mineral matter into a scenographic instrument. Through a hybrid approach mixing realtime and rendered images, and an exploration of the physics of sound (waves and vibrations), Pierce Warnecke and Clément Édouard create a “multiple body choreography” in which the bodies of the performers, the geological bodies and the body of the audience resonate at macro and microscopic sonic and visual scales.
By taking mineral strata as a structure for composition, SEDIMENTS explores the many layered scales of our universe, by taking a conscious look at the invisible world surrounding us and its particular temporality. The work is a sensitive reading of stones, a vast and mysterious material which reveals an unsuspected world, both inert and alive: the world of rock, soil and earth. In doing so it opens up a perspective of the fragility and ephemerality of biological- and ultimately human- forms of life.



– Credits

Clément Edouard Son, Conception
Pierce Warnecke Images, Conception
Bastien Mignot Collaboration artistique
Gaëlle Jeannard Accompagnement - production

Production MAGE
Co-productions Stéréolux / Festival Scopitone, Zinc - Centre de Création des Arts et des Cultures Numérique
Accueils en résidence Montévideo, Le Cube - centre de création numérique, Le Hublot - centre de création art numérique

SEDIMENTS est soutenu par le CNC/DICREAM, par la Région et la DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/SCAN, par l'ADAMI

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